how to enter a radio station: yongguk style~

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what are your thoughts on Kibum cutting himself? when do you think it could have started? it might have happened on his predebut days..


first of all, i’ve read that comment right after his musical while waiting among 150+ shawols for him to come out from the venue - while being there one of my friend started crying and i was like ‘what, what’s happening’ because it was so sudden and another girl there passed me her phone and… i was shocked. i couldn’t process it at first, I think i’m still very far from processing it properly, but in that context, after seing him being happy and smiling so brightly… it felt surreal. but i have to admit it, it wasn’t and isn’t unexpected.

form the start, since the first day I’ve layed eyes on him I felt it in my bones - that he was someone who went through something like this. I wasn’t necessarly thinking about this type of self harm, but maybe because i used to have a friend who started self harming in middle school I could recognize something. and seriously if you take your time to go back and analyze how he used to behave back during shinee’s first years, when people used to say he was harsh and cold and not very far from being an asshole, and ask yourself why he was like that it doesn’t take long to put pieces together.

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140326 Key instagram update
bumkeyk: good bye keytarnian !! thanks for comin my lil freaks ! :-) 오늘은 정말 뜻깊은 날 입니다 !!

140326 Key instagram update

bumkeykgood bye keytarnian !! thanks for comin my lil freaks ! :-) 오늘은 정말 뜻깊은 날 입니다 !!


The fact he cared about that person’s problem, the fact he tried to help her, the fact he put himself in her shoes telling shawols about the struggles he also had. This is just so inspirational. Key is a beautiful human being and I just love him and respect him so much guys..
*group hug*





my dream is to one day make enough money to remake the movie twilight so that everything is exactly the same except edward cullen is played by kanye west and kanye west doesnt have a script and isn’t even aware of what the plot of the movie is, he’s just kanye west reacting to twilight in real time

#i didn’t know i wanted this until now

“your skin is pale white and ice cold”

“bitch I’m black what are you on”